Since every Fountain is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide.  

Some of our maintenance services include:
- Clean and remove water stains
-Service Pump/Filter
-Inspect Hose
-Leveling Tiers/Basin 
- Adding Water Valves for Splash Control
-Water Change and additives
-Replacing Submersible Lights
-Replacing Transformers
-Replacing Timers
-Replacing Pump/Filter
-Replacing Sealers/Plugs
-Replacing Pipes/Flexible Tubing/Valves
-Deliver and Installation of Fountains
If you have any questions please contact us at (818) 264-9403

Other Repairs include:
-Concrete Slab 
- Cracks in Ponds/Tiers
-Removal old
Ben's Fountain Care

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We Service all Roman Fountains
We Service and repair direct pump systems

We replace underwater lights.
We replace lighting and levelcontrols
We replace submerseble pump 
We repair dreain,overflow  and filtration
We replace nozzles

          Before  stainig
           After stainig
Pressure wash cleanig fountain pumps
Pump Replacement
Fountain installicion
relevoling tiers
Small pumps replacement